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Keyence UK

Ford Aerospace Accelerates Inspection with KEYENCE IM-8000+

Ford Aerospace, an award-winning global specialist in pressed and high-precision machined parts for a multitude of industries, is leveraging the benefits of a new KEYENCE IM-8000 instant measuring system.

Siemens News

Siemens Electroimpact SCRAM system sculpts new possibilities

Electroimpact and Siemens developed a unified Scalable Composite Robotic Additive Manufacturing (SCRAM) system, a true 6-axis continuous fibre-reinforced 3D printer that enables the tool-less rapid fabrication of aerospace-grade integrated composite structures.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe - EMEA

Visualization, monitoring and management of plant utilities result in savings of nearly EUR 70,000 over five years

Famiel Confectionery Co., Ltd., a confectionery manufacturer in Japan, has implemented energy management and demand monitoring at its main factory after introducing Mitsubishi Electric's energy saving data collection server "EcoWebServerIII".

Fuzzy Logic Robotics

Fuzzy Logic makes robotics agile at MBDA

MBDA is a leading European manufacturer in the aerospace and armaments sector, specializing in the design of missiles and missile systems for the operational needs of the three branches of the military (army, navy and air force). MBDA France's Bourges site specializes in the manufacture of tactical missile equipment utilising several key technologies: mechanical manufacturing (metal and composite materials) and electromechanical assembly. The company wanted to robotise certain processes in small series or even single unit production, by allowing an operator with no programming skills to teach the robotic system, in just a few seconds, the process to be carried out, and then to execute the cycle with complete confidence without human supervision. Fuzzy Logic's Repplix™ application software module addresses all aspects of this requirement in a cost-effective manner. The first use case selected was the tedious, manual cleaning of the moulds used to manufacture composites.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

Additive in space

Cost reduction in aerospace through additive manufacturing.

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